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Hey there! My name is Christie Evans. Im a Maryland based photographer, who specializes in (but not limited to) children and pets. My goal in each photoshoot is to take photos thru the eyes of a parent and the eyes of a child. I want to capture the magical world that our innocent children see, while freezing the precious, fleeting moments that moms and dads see. I can photograph what our eyes see or I can photograph how our imagination perceives- its completely up to you! I have 3 kids of my own, along with 3 cats and a beagle pup. Im a finalist in the Shoot&Share world wide (156 countries involved this year!) contest for 2017, 2018,2019, and 2020. I was also voted Favorite Local Photographer 2017 in Mt.Airy, Damascus, Urbana Area. I would love to meet you and capture some magic!!!

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Quick and easy!!! click on my photo above to be directed to my fb page to message me

Fb: Frozen Frames Photography


Phone: 301-846-8303

Location: Taneytown, Md

***willing to travel

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